River Reflection - Potash Road, Moab, Utah

This photo was taken at the end of quite the unusual weather day. When we headed south out of Moab, it began to snow. Yes, it does snow in the desert. The longer we drove, the harder it snowed. For this photographer that lives in New England, the sight of snow is not a happy event, especially near the end of winter. For a number of the other tour participants that live in much warmer climates, it was a joyful event to experience. By the time we got to our destination, the snow had stopped, and we were able to get some great shots with a thin blanket of snow (okay, I am glad it snowed). On our way back to Moab, the wind and temperature began to rise and was turning the day into what one would expect in Moab in March. By the time we got to this spot on the Colorado River, there was no evidence that it had snowed at all. I had hoped to get a reflection shot, but the wind was just too strong with ripples across the water. Patience is a virtue however, and I waited the wind out. For about five minutes, a small section of the river grew calm (you can see the ripples on the rest of the water,) and I was able to capture this scene before the winds kicked back up.