Tide is Out - Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde, Maine

This year seems to be flying by. The older we get, time seems to speed up. A year ago, I hosted Jeff Clow and Jaki Good Miller for a week scouting the coast of Maine. I had hoped that showing Jeff some of my favorite lighthouses and spots would convince him to host one of his photo tours in my backyard. I think that it didn't take Jeff more than a day before deciding we would do one. The inaugural Lighthouse and Lobster Tour (along with an add-on trip to Acadia National Park) was conducted last October, and was such a resounding success that we scheduled another one for this upcoming April. In just about a month, Jeff and I will be showing new tour participants the rugged coast of Maine, along with its guardians of the shoreline. We have a couple of open spots, so if you want to explore Maine with us, drop Jeff a note.

This is just one of the the twelve lighthouses that you will experience on the tour. I shot this last April on our scouting trip in mid-afternoon, and I can assure you that it looks even better at sunrise and sunset. Hope you can join us.