Rockies Reflection - Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Sprague Lake

I often visit and revisit the same location to get the photo that I have imagined. Many people think it is just a matter of going to a place at the right time of day and you will get "The" shot that you want. I wish it was that easy. There are many professional photographers that go to the same place for twenty years before they get what they want. Why? It is usually related to weather that is as unpredictable as anything. When I say weather, that includes just the right amount of clouds at just the right spot in the sky. For example, nothing can ruin a sunrise more than having all of the right conditions but have clouds blocking the sun as it appears over the horizon. Sometimes they are there for a few moments and other times it may be an hour.

This photo is of Sprague Lake. I have been there two times prior over the years. On my last trip there, I was determined to get a good shot. Determination and patience finally won out. I was there three mornings in a row. The first two days, weather conditions were either rainy or overcast. On my third visit, I finally got a good sunrise and was able to get a terrific mirror reflection.