What Are You Looking At? - Central Park, Manhattan, New York

I have a lot of photographer friends that are passionate bird photographers. They live for getting photos of birds wherever they are. They know the names of almost every bird in existence (or at least seems so to me). They even have apps on their phones that have what each bird sounds like. 

Followers of my posts don't see many bird photos for good reason. I am not passionate about them and, while I might photograph them when they are around, I don't exert any energy trying to find them. Even when I find them and shoot them, the likelihood of getting a great shot is low for me. Why? As much as I hate to admit it, bird photography is really hard. There is a skill set that requires a lot of practice to master. I simply am just not passionate enough to learn these skills. My idea of a great bird subject is one that is not flying (they are quite fast) but rather like a "sitting duck" (pun intended). 

My birding friends travel all over the country and world trying to find exotic birds. I seem to find them elsewhere. I shot this photo of this duck in one of my most exotic locations, Central Park. There are over 120 species of ducks and I have no idea what kind of duck this is. All I know is that he was a typical New Yorker and looked at me like I shouldn't be there.