Sea Life - Meyers Creek Beach, Oregon

The Oregon Coast conjures up images of unusual sea stacks rising from the ocean, miles and miles of pristine beaches, towering capes looking over the vast Pacific Ocean and, of course, the weather. One thing that is often missed by visitors is the hidden life that is exposed when the tide is out, otherwise known as tide pools. When the tide is in, the life beneath is full of activity with starfish moving on the rocks looking for food. Anenomes will utilize their tiny tentacles to sting their prey or defend themselves against predators. When the tide recedes, the sea life clings to the rocks and sea stacks and they become visible to the human eye. There is something quite striking as you look at these beautiful creatures and appreciate that their life is relentless with the changing tides. This photo features starfish in various colors, a green sea anenome and lots and lots of mussels.