Secluded Beach - Short Beach, Oceanside, Oregon

Along the long Oregon Coast there are so many beaches to be found that it is difficult to see them all. Many are right there in the open while many others are hidden and secluded. A lot of the hidden ones are reachable only by long hikes to get to them while others are right there under your nose. When Jeff Clow and I scouted the coast on a rainy day last year, we were driving by this spot and we noticed two cars parked on the roadside. Curious, we parked there and noticed a small trail that led down to the beach that we didn’t realize was there. We found out that this secluded beach was named Short Beach and was only a little over 1,000 yards long. It features this rock formation with trees on it’s top and the sound of a creek falling to the beach behind me. Turns out, Short Beach is not named after the shortness of its beach but rather for the small creek (named Short Creek) that plummets to its sands.