Secluded - Cape Meares, Oregon

This is what most landscape photographers want to find when exploring. Discovering a place that is the epitome of what they think the location they are scouting should look like. Thanks to some really tedious research before the trip, we found  an ideal spot, far from the crowds. Blink and you missed it. Climbed down to the beach and all we found were two locals - both fisherman. The scene was just what the doctor ordered. A brief glimpse of the blue sky. A waterfall to the right of me creating this small creek in front of me. Large driftwood scattered on the beach most likely fallen during some severe storms. A giant sea stack almost on the beach with a few trees growing out at its top. The distant cliffs with the seeming always present fog and mist. The rolling surf of the Pacific Ocean that relentlessly pounds the coastline. And to top it all, very secluded that allowed us to have a great experience by ourselves save a couple of fisherman.