Algae and Waterfall - Tolovana Park, Oregon

The Oregon Coast has some really neat beaches that offer hidden surprises that are just waiting to be found. I had been to this beach a number of times before and considered this a JAB (just another beach -- a Jeff Clow saying). What I discovered on this trip was that I probably visited it when it was high tide. Go at low tide and all of these hidden gems appear as if by magic. Sea caves aplenty. Waterfalls around the curve in the coast. Colorful algae marking how far the Pacific Ocean comes in during high tide. Try to find this kind of scene on the Atlantic Ocean coast--I haven't seen anything like it. 

This particular scene really attracted me for several reasons. First the waterfall and then the sea cave caught my eye. What really took it to the next level for me was the color of the algae and the rock formation that definitely looks like a cutoff foot. This composition certainly does not take full advantage of the cave and waterfall, but it was the only angle that I could make the foot "come to life".