Stacks on the Beach - Bandon, Oregon

Golden light. That is what most landscape photographers will tell you. Shoot in the golden light. It makes everything look better. I have never appreciated this tenet of shooting landscapes more than on my recent scouting trip to the Oregon Coast with Jeff Clow. Up to the point of the trip, we had been in Oregon praying for any type of light instead of raindrops and bleak skies. Sure, we took a few photos along the way, but we both knew that most of them would never see the light of day. Unexpectedly, we checked into our hotel in Bandon and saw that the sky was clearing and that we might actually see the sun (we hadn't for five straight days) and headed to the beach. Just as we got there, I shot this photo where you can see the clouds moving east, allowing the sun to light up the seascape. A welcome sight for sore eyes. The evening kept on getting better and better and we were quite thankful that we were able to see the Oregon Coast as it should be seen -- in great evening golden light.