Shoot This Stack - Bandon, Oregon

We photographers often get extreme tunnel vision when we are standing in front of amazing scenery. We get very focused and don't even realize that others are waiting to try to get some pics too. I am not complaining as I am guilty on occasion of the same thing. The best thing to do is just be patient and hope that they move on. This particular evening, I came to this scene and the beach was empty save these two photographers. They were having quite the discussion and the woman was repeatedly pointing to the sea stack as you can see in this photo. In my imagination, I can hear her say that its getting late and just shoot this stack. That wasn't to be. They stayed there for ten minutes and I finally realized it was time to take the photo and Photoshop them out later. When I started to edit this photo, I remembered my thoughts at the time and that they added a lot to the photo by providing scale to the sea stack, so I left them in.