Soldier Mountains - Route 20, Idaho

I came across this photo that I took back in 2013 on a cross country trip with my son. It was on the return from Oregon and we decided to hit as many National Parks or Monuments that we could fit in without taking us too far off our route. We left Portland and decided to head to Grand Teton National Park with an overnight stay in Boise in between. After checking into our hotel in Boise, I fired up the computer and found out that a short detour would take us through Craters of the Moon National Monument. Off we went the next morning. I had never been to this area before and it isn't very populated. As we turned and drove along Route 20, I saw these mountains that turned out to be the Soldier Mountains and I just had to stop and take a number of photos. I have no idea where along route 20 we were but, suffice to say, if I ever find myself on this road again, I will be looking for this spot again.