Small Clearing - Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, Oregon

As you read this post, I am on a plane heading west for another trip. This time I am headed to the Palouse to co-host a photo tour with Jeff Clow and won't be posting much next week. The Palouse is not particularly conducive to cell phones, and with very long days, any time in the hotel will probably be non-productive.

For today's post, I will take you back to my trip to Oregon last month. The Oregon Coast is renowned for great scenery. There are plenty of photos that show these great expanses of coastline, beaches and sea stacks and those who have never visited there think the whole coast is like that. There are actually large stretches where water is not seen but rather sand dunes. Other stretches are along the water, but the trees are so overgrown that very little can be seen of the beach and coastline without some serious hiking. The best you can hope for is to find small clearings like this one that gives you peeks of the Oregon Coast's beauty. It takes a lot of work and scouting but, when you find one, it is worth the work.