Steptoe Beauty - Steptoe Butte State Park, Washington

Being in the Palouse last week just reminded me of what a special place it is to visit and photograph. It is likely that if you are not a photographer, you probably have never heard of it. Other than the beauty of the landscape, there are not a lot of other attractions there to attract other tourists. The Palouse has been described as a culinary wasteland, with most towns not having restaurants or convenience stores. Cell phone service is nonexistent in many parts of the Palouse. Gas stations are few and far between. The area is primarily farmland with some of the richest soil in the US. The people who live there are extremely hard working, supporting the farming industry. 

From a photography standpoint, the rolling landscapes, especially during the golden hours at sunrise and sunset, are some of most desirable subjects. I have heard the Palouse described as the equivalent of Italy's Tuscany region. When you stand on Steptoe Butte and look down on the undulating landscape, you easily understand that comparison. All shades of green and brown can be seen for miles and miles. It's beauty is unique.