Smiley Barn Family - Oakesdale, Washington

Sometimes my imagination runs wild when I think about writing a post. The first time I saw these barns, I immediately thought to myself that they looked like smiley faces. The windows near the top were the eyes with square noses and open mouths. As I sat down to write this, that was going to be the sole topic. Then my imagination kicked in. Taking them as a group, I started to think that maybe it was a barn family. To the right is the papa barn, big and stout. To the left is the mama barn, dressed in red with a Sunday hat. Finally we have the baby barn, still a youngster that is not yet old enough to have grown a mouth. 

Okay, I have taken some liberties with this post. The Palouse has tons of barns that are all different from one another. Some are old and weather beaten. Others are new with shiny new paint of differing colors. Some are falling down (we lost three barns since our last August's scouting tour) and all that remains are skeleton remains. They make very cool subjects to photograph.