Palouse Backroads - Garfield, Washington

Want to explore the Palouse? Be prepared to travel the backroads to find the hidden gems. Most of the backroads are not marked well and are mostly narrow dirt roads. Given the lack of cell phone access, you are likely to get lost on these roads for a while. I know because  I got lost on my first trip there. That is okay because you can often find a hidden gem when you are lost. The problem is trying to find it later. The best way to track locations and get to them without getting lost is to use an app that downloads data (maps, pins, etc.) onto your phone and does not rely on mobile access to get directions. I am pleased to say that on Jeff Clow's Palouse Photo Tour that we did not get lost once, although I fully expected to a few times. In any case, whether you join a tour or explore on your own, you will likely be on a road like this one with a unique view.