Tree's Shadow - Steptoe Butte Foothills, Washington

Many of the photos that you will find on a Google search of the Palouse will be taken from the top of Steptoe Butte, the highest location in the area. From there, you can see for miles and you typically use a long lens to zoom into the portions of this undulating landscape. Don't think that there aren't other places to get some beautiful landscapes. There are. When Jeff Clow and I scouted the Palouse last year, we looked for different places to shoot from that were different from shooting from the top of Steptoe but are just as compelling. On our last day of scouting, we stumbled upon this location that turned the tables on Steptoe. Although it was a dreary afternoon and the light was terrible, we both thought that shooting Steptoe from its foothills at sunrise would work well. Hopefully, this photo proves that it did. Not only was the light great, it had some cool elements to use in the photo. I particularly liked the tree and its shadow that sort of pointed to the top of the butte.