Spouting Off - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Wyoming Dreaming

A few weeks ago, my great friend, Steve Somers posted a series of his memorable trips to Alaska and Yosemite. Inspired by Steve, I am dedicating this week’s posts to one of my favorite states, Wyoming.

A few years ago, I was able to revisit a location that I first visited in 2005, namely Yellowstone National Park. On that first visit, I hadn’t recommitted to my photography hobby, and the images from that trip showed the rust that had grown on my skills. When I started to get back into the hobby in 2007, I vowed to revisit some of the places and reshoot them. In some cases, I wanted to get the same composition as I did then but in better light. This is one of those compositions. It is of Mud Volcano, a thermal feature on the eastern side of the park. It has a nice boardwalk where you can get different vantage points to shoot from. I visited just after dawn when there was no one around, and had great morning light. I was hoping for and got some nice blue skies that I used as a nice color backdrop to make the steam stand out. All in all, a much better result that my first visit. On my next visit, I wonder if there is a way to deal with that bad sulfur smell of these thermal features.