Great Grey Owl - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Wyoming Dreaming

A few weeks ago, my great friend, Steve Somers posted a series of his memorable trips to Alaska and Yosemite. Inspired by Steve, I am dedicating this week’s posts to one of my favorite states, Wyoming.

Many who follow my blog know that my favorite subjects are related to landscapes and travel. On my visits to the Grand Tetons, my main goal is landscapes but the park is also known for its wildlife. There is some specific expertise (which I don't have) and equipment requirements (really big, long lenses that I can hardly lift) to get a great shot. On one of my Teton trips, I was fortunate to be with some very accomplished wildlife and bird photographers who were knocking it out of the park. We came upon a a great gray owl that was all but asking for us to photograph him. This is not a common occurrence, so we all took advantage of the opportunity. Despite my limitations, I actually got a couple of decent shots, this being one my best. I am sure that my fellow wildlife buddies would probably think this is a throw away shot, but I am happy with it. It reminds me what a great experience it was to watch this majestic bird in the wild.