Teton Point View - Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Wyoming Dreaming

A few weeks ago, my great friend, Steve Somers posted a series of his memorable trips to Alaska and Yosemite. Inspired by Steve, I am dedicating this week’s posts to one of my favorite states, Wyoming.

No matter where you go in Grand Teton National Park, the rugged Teton Range always seem to be visible. Driving the 42 miles of the main highway (US 191/89) that runs through the park, there are some wonderful turnouts where you can see these mountains in their full glory. Each turnout has its own personality and this one, Teton Point Turnout, is no exception. The unique part of this scene are the three levels of terraces on the land leading to the mountains. Adding the mountains and the terrific blue sky, the layers just jump out at you. Of course, shooting in early morning light is just icing on the cake.