The Palouse - Palouse, Washington

It is no secret that I love mountains and am always looking for the next one to visit. If you had told me that farmland would compete with mountains before I visited the Palouse, I wouldn't have believed you. Don't get me wrong, the Palouse has always been on my bucket list after seeing the many photos from the region, especially from Steptoe Butte. The difference now is that I really want to go back and see it again. Fortunately, I will get my chance in August for a few days. I hope to see the area while it is harvest time. I am told that it looks so different and reminds one of the line "amber waves of grain...". I don't know if I will time the harvest, as every person I talk with tells me it happens at different times. My guess is that it is like predicting the foliage season in the Northeast.

This photo is typical of the landscape in early June when everything is green. The green contrasts well with the blue skies and the clouds are an added bonus. I shot a few photos, but they didn't capture what I was seeing with my eyes. I decided to shoot this panorama to better get the shot that I wanted.

One note. The Palouse is region that covers the states of Washington (eastern); Idaho (western) and Oregon (northeastern). This photo was taken in the region just outside of the town of Palouse.