Vermilion Lakes View - Banff National Park, Alberta

View from Mount Norquay, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Visitors to Banff National Park can be overwhelmed with the number of iconic locations there are to take in. Even though I have been there several times, it seems I find a new one on each trip. One of the popular destinations is Vermilion Lakes. That is probably because the three lakes are just minutes from the town of Banff. They are an especially popular destination at sunrise and sunset when the lakes and mountains get that special glow. The day that Jeff Clow and I went to shoot there, the road to the lakes was closed due to a high level of bear activity. We decided to do the next best thing to get a shot of the lakes - we drove up to the top of Mount Norquay to shoot this view of the lakes. For reference, the town of Banff is situated to the left of the lakes. Definitely worth the short drive up  the mountain, where you can also get a great shot of the town. Even better news, the road to the lakes was opened later in the trip.