University Hall - Siena University, Siena, Italy

Exploring. That ‘s what photographers do a lot of. Even when we don’t know where we are going. We don’t worry about getting lost. We are looking for experiences and, if an interesting subject unexpectedly appears, we take advantage of it. As we were walking the streets of Siena in May, we wandered through the streets and noticed that there was some kind of sponsored lunch being planned near the entrance of a building. They had lots of great looking food and we were wondering what was going on. People seemed to be going in and out of the building at random and we decided to check out was happening there. The door we entered led to a staircase which, of course, we went up. ­­ There we stood in this cool looking hallway with a ceiling made of arches, which the indoor lightning highlighted beautifully. Of course, I captured a photo.

On our way out, we found out that we were in a University building that I have since found out was Siena University. We had been in a historic building that is one of Tuscany’s oldest, being in existence since the year 1240. No wonder the architecture inside was so impressive.